In its first major announcement for The EveryONE Project, the AAFP has compiled an initial screening toolkit to help you recognize and respond to various social factors that impact the health of your patients.

As you know, the social determinants of health aren’t always related to poverty level or socioeconomic status. Screening questions are vital to unearth specific, recurring, and life-altering issues for patients of all backgrounds. The toolkit’s questions have been tested, validated, and purposefully assembled to reveal the health hurdles your patients are facing.

Regardless of your familiarity or experience level with social determinants of health, The EveryONE Project toolkit is designed to be simple, intuitive, and action oriented. Your care team can assist with administering screenings, and patients will appreciate your vested interest in their health journeys.

Your time is valuable, so we’ve developed a toolkit that can be easily integrated into your current priorities. Social determinants are pressing issues that can and will affect your patient outcomes, which in turn, affect value-based payment. It is important we work together to provide healthy solutions—for everyone—and thorough screenings are the first step.

Review the Toolkit Here