The PCPCC Support & Alignment Network (SAN) uniquely supports practice transformation through fostering practice partnerships with patients, families, caregivers and community-based organizations. In an effort to share best practices for improving patient, family, and caregiver engagement, the PCPCC SAN is aggregating tools and resources for integrating patient partners into clinical transformation and quality improvement efforts. Over the next four years, this “SAN Resource Library” will continue to grow and will ultimately contain a comprehensive list of resources that promote strategies for achieving team-based care that includes patients and families as meaningful partners on the care team.

Helpful tools include:

  • Patient and Family Advisor Confidentiality Contract
  • How to conduct a “walk-about” in primary care from the patient and family perspective
  • Partnering with patients and families in primary care improvement and redesign: a worksheet to support progress
  • How to conduct a walk-about for self-management support in ambulatory settings from the patient and family perspective

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